Years ago I walked into a pet store to buy hamsters, but the person who worked there talked me into rats instead. He explained that rats enjoy human interaction, rarely bite, and although nocturnal by nature, adapt to your schedule. One of the very young rats I purchased that day was a gray blazed Berkshire which my stepdaughter named Stephanie. Stephanie used to follow my husband and I around, and we were absolutely amazed by her intelligence and devotion. 
My husband and I live in Fort Worth, TX (Saginaw area.) I am one of the few pet rat breeders in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and people come from as far as Houston to get my baby rats. My breeding stock originally came from other hobbiest breeders, and one of our lines has been selectively bred here for five generations. All of my rats are handled often and early for optimum socialization. Most rats you will find in pet stores are close to adulthood, not handled enough for tameness, and may have picked up a respiratory disease.

Respiratory health is the highest priority of my breeding program, and my rats have also been bred for excellent temperaments.
  I breed dumbo rats and standard fancy rats in a variety of colors including mink, Siamese, beige, and fawn. I have raised rats off and on for twenty years and I am listed with the Rat and Mouse Club of America. 

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